The Team

Fatima Begum – Producer/Director/Camera

Fatima is currently studying Politics at SOAS  University and wishes to pursue a career in international law. She was the Deputy Head Prefect  of Mulberry School for Girls. She is also interested in Middle Eastern and Asian history and likes to travel.

Samrah Rashid – Producer/Director/Camera

Samrah is currently studying Film at Queen Mary University of London and aspires to become an editor. She is the first student from Mulberry School for Girls to study film at university. She strongly believes in using the medium of film to tell the unheard stories of history such as that of the victims of the Bosnian genocide.

Suraiya Chowdhury – Producer/Director/Camera/Assistant Production Co-ordinator

Suraiya is going to study Biomedical Science at St. George’s University of London. She is particularly interested in the role of science in international politics and has been an active member of the Global Classrooms Model United Nations Programme. Travelling to the UK from Bangladesh at the age of 16, Suraiya was able to participate in this project by offering a unique perspective of a student who has experienced different interpretations of cultural justice.

Aishah Siddiqah – Producer/Director/Camera/Assistant Production Co-ordinator

Aishah has just completed her A’levels and will be going to Queen Mary University of London to study English Literature. She took part in this project because of her deep passion for human rights and international law and politics.

Afifa Gill – Producer/Director/Camera/Assistant Production Co-ordinator

Afifa has just completed her A’levels and is going to  SOAS University to study History. Her passion for the subject arises from the fact that ‘a people without knowledge of their past… is like a tree without roots’ – Marcus Garvey. However alongside her interest in war history, she is passionate about animal welfare and wants to work at a zoo at some point.

Farihah Begum – Producer/Director/Camera

Farihah has just completed her A’levels and will be studying English at university. She has a great passion for human rights. She has also won an Edinburgh Fringe First Award for starring in the much renowned play, ‘The Unravelling’ by Mulberry School for Girls and Fin Kennedy.

Fiona Lloyd-Davies – Producer/Director/Camera/Narrator

Fiona is an award-winning film maker who is one of the UK’s most experienced foreign documentary and current affairs programme makers. She has been making films about human rights issues in areas of conflict since 1992; working in Bosnia, Iraq, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and many other locations.

Marcus Hibbert – Film Editor.

Marcus currently works at the school as a Media Studies teacher. He has a real passion for the arts and in particular Digital Media. Marcus has edited films for the Geffrye Museum, UK.

Vanessa Ogden – Executive Producer

Vanessa is the Head Teacher of Mulberry School for Girls. She has recently completed an Education Doctorate at the Institute of Education specialising in urban leadership. Her areas of interest include education policy and schooling in areas of urban challenge. Vanessa’s teaching career has spanned two decades of practice in inner city schools across London. Dr. Ogden is also a trustee of Teach First and has been awarded the status of National Leader in Education by the National College.

Jill Tuffee – Executive Producer

Jill is the Deputy Head Teacher of Mulberry School for Girls. She has worked in London education for thirty years specialising in arts and pupil leadership. Her areas of interest include leadership development in young people and enrichment through the arts. She is a keen campaigner for gender rights.

Shanaz Begum – Executive Producer/Production Co-ordinator

Shanaz is a former student of Mulberry School for Girls, is now the Director of Extended Learning at the school. She has recently completed her second degree in Law at BPP Law School. Shanaz is a key part of the effort in helping young women develop and encourage the importance of leadership through providing a variety of opportunities as part of enrichment projects designed to develop aspiration, confidence and high level communication skills. Ms. Begum is also an avid campaigner for Amnesty International and race and gender equality.

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